YouEarth Fix PRO


YouEarth Fix PRO


Improve Below, Shine Above

The Perfect Partner for Underwater Environments

YouEarth Fix PRO is a paint born for underwater environments and structures, a blend of polymers and special materials.
It applies directly in water and adheres powerfully even in wet conditions, no complex prep needed.
Fix PRO sets quickly to cut down on work time and once applied, maintains its quality permanently.
Even in the event of damage or performance degradation from natural disasters, a simple repair restores original performance, offering long-term economic benefits.

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Eco-Friendly Coating

KC-certified eco-friendly paint, suitable for drinking
water applications.

Passed the detection test of hazardous
substances and heavy metals.

Strong Adhesion

Exceptional adhesion prevents the coating from
detaching from the substrate.

Adhesion strength: Concrete - over 3.0Mpa,
Steel - over 10.0Mpa

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Superior Durability

With ceramic-inclusive new material resin, it resists wear from various external factors,

Passed the Abrasion test.

Chemical / Acid / Seawater Resistance

Boasts outstanding chemical, acid, and seawater
resistance in various environments.

Passed the 1500-hour chemical resistance tests with sulfuric acid,
hydrochloric acid, and salt spray

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High hardness and flexibility prevent cracks in
concrete and rebar surfaces after coating.

Passed the flexibility test.

Underwater Coating

Applies easily on dry, wet, and underwater surfaces without drying.

Passed the Underwater application test.

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Anti-Corrosion and Rust Prevention

Special nano particle fillers prevent rust on steel structures and
corrosion and wear of the paint.

Passed the Anti-corrosion and rust prevention tests.

Waterproof and Water-Repellent Effects

Offers waterproofing that blocks water penetration and water-repellent
effects that cause droplets to bounce off the paint surface.

Passed the Waterproof and water-repellent tests.

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