YouEarth Unburn PRO


YouEarth Unburn PRO


No Flames, No Fears

Innovation in Hybrid Composite Material Coatings

YouEarth's Unburn PRO is based on a Silane-modified hybrid composite, overcoming the limitations of traditional coatings with enhanced durability and simplicity in application.
Unburn PRO beautifies and safeguards our living spaces.

Frame 3713

Eco-Friendly Coating

Hybrid composite resin based, kind to both the environment and human health.
Contains neither harmful solvents nor heavy metals.

Passed the detection test of hazardous substances and heavy metals.

Fireproof Coating

With non-combustible ceramic binders, it effectively inhibits
the spread of fire and the emission of toxic gases

Fire Resistance Test : Mass Loss Rate at 0.01% (Standard : less than 30%),
Difference between peak and Final Temperature : 1.8~2.2℃
(Standard: less than 20℃).
Gas Toxicity Test : Test rats remained active for over 15 minutes without
immobilization (Standard: over 9 minutes).

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Deodorizing and Detoxifying

Effectively eliminates unpleasant odors and harmful substances,
including VOCs and formaldehyde, addressing indoor pollution concerns.

Passed the deodorizing efficiency test.


Maximizes antimicrobial and antiviral effects using YouEarth’s

Passed the Antimicrobial test against various pathogens.

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Shields surfaces from external factors, thereby extending their
lifespan with superior anti-corrosion performance.

Passed the 1500 hours salt spray test and corrosion resistance test.

Anti-pollution and Anti-Discoloration

Maintains cleanliness and vibrant colors for extended periods,
protecting surfaces from various stains.

Passed the Anti-pollution and Anti-Discoloration tests.

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Waterproof and Water-Repellent

Advanced waterproof and water-repellent properties ensure rapid
drying and clear performance in humid conditions.

Passed the Effective moisture barrier test.

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