YouEarth Flextech PRO


YouEarth Flextech PRO

Shape Visions, Build Reality

Innovation Tailored to Your Needs

Your business and vision are unique. Engineered to your specifications, it performs from
ocean depths to the stratosphere. Resilient against corrosion, fortified for durability, and
steadfast in extremes. With Flextech PRO, your vision becomes reality.

Frame 3713

Power Generation Facilities

Nuclear, Solar, Wind, Thermal, Hydro Power Plants.

Turbines, Generators, Steam Generators, Cooling Towers, Transformers.

Industrial Plants

Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Oil, Food, Metal Plants.

Reactors, Separators, Mixers, Dryers, Filters

Frame 3713-1
Frame 3713-2

Bridges and Road Infrastructure

Highways, National Roads, Local Roads, Pedestrian Bridges, Railway Bridges

Bridge Piers, Bridge Decks, Tunnels, Tunnel Reinforcements, Sound Barriers.


Commercial Vessels, Fishing Boats, Tankers, Cruises, Research Ships.

Hulls, Propellers, Ship Decks, Pillars, Cabins.

Frame 3713-3
Frame 3713-4

Automotive and Aerospace

Cars, Trucks, Buses, Electric Vehicles, Aircraft, Spacecraft.

Engines, Chassis, Aircraft Wings, Rocket Thrusters, Landing Gear.

Oil and Gas

Refineries, Gas Processing Facilities, Storage Tanks, Pipelines, LPG Facilities.

Refining Towers, Gas Separators, Storage Tanks,
Transmission Pipelines, Compressors.

Frame 3713-5
Frame 3713-6


Semiconductor Manufacturing, Power Transmission, Electronic Components, Communication Equipment, Home Appliances,

Semiconductor Chips, Transistors, Cables, Antennas, Batteries.

Specialty Coating

Vacuum Deposition, Electron Beam, Plasma, Pyrolysis, Chemical
Vapor Deposition.

Luxury Watches, Aircraft Components, Medical Equipment, Optical Equipment

Frame 3713-7
Frame 3713-8


Automotive Parts, Furniture, Fashion Items, Sports Equipment,
Medical Devices.

Surface Finishing, Abrasion Resistance Enhancement, Waterproofing, Heat Resistant Coating, Anti-Corrosion Treatment.

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