YouEarth Shield PRO


YouEarth Shield PRO


Guard beyond, Trust within

Innovative Coatings for the Future

Experience next-gen protection with YouEarth Shield PRO :
fast-curing, strong-adhering, and superior in resistance.
It’s the eco-friendly solution that delivers lasting performance without maintenance.

Frame 3713

Eco-Friendly Coating

A blend of composite glimmer-modified resin and ceramics,
harmless to both the environment and human health.

Passed the detection test of hazardous substances and heavy metals.

Strong Adhesion

The excellent adhesive power of the modified new material resin
prevents the coated film from detaching from the structure.

Adhesion strength: Concrete - over 3.0Mpa, Steel - over 10.0Mpa

Frame 3713-1
Frame 3713-2

Superior Durability

With its ceramic-inclusive new material resin, it withstands
various external factors without wearing down.

Passed the abrasion test.

Chemical / Acid / Seawater Resistance

Boasts outstanding chemical, acid, and seawater resistance
in various environments.

Passed the 1500-hour chemical resistance tests with sulfuric acid,
hydrochloric acid, and salt spray.

Frame 3713-3
Frame 3713-4

Flame Retardancy Heat Resistance

A nearly non-combustible coating with added self-extinguishing
capabilities for enhanced fire protection.

Passed the fire resistant test.

Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Rust

Effectively blocks moisture penetration, protecting steel

Passed the Anti-corrosion and Anti-rust tests.

Frame 3713-5
Frame 3713-6

Professional Coating with Convenient Use

Quickly dries at room temperature, available two-component or
one-component forms for ease of use.

Customizable to site and working conditions.


Utilizes YouEarth’s eco-friendly EcoCapSitech
compound to prevent fouling from barnacles and insects such as mayflies.

Passed the Anti-fouling test.

Frame 3713-7

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